Mærsk Tårnet

The Maersk Tower is a state-of-the-art research building whose innovative architecture creates the optimum framework for world-class health research, making it a landmark in Copenhagen.

In order to create architecture for world-class health research, it is important to design a venue which encourages many opportunities for coming together, transcending different disciplines, from the general public to the research community. This helps to communicate ongoing research activities, leading to knowledge sharing and inspiration for new and groundbreaking research.

By selecting a tower typology, there is greater allowance for a green and urban campus park, which is open to everyone and therefore involves and develops the surrounding neighbourhood. A unique element of the new Campus Park is the zigzagging ‘floating path’ that leads pedestrians and cyclists across parts of the Maersk Tower. This allows the public the opportunity to get up close to the building and the researchers while at the same time, creating a new connection between Nørre Allé and Blegdamsvej.

The facade of the Tower is divided into a relief-like grid structure of storey-height copper-covered shutters. The shutters of the facade function as movable climate shields, that automatically opens or closes according to direct sunlight, ensuring direct heat gain in the laboratories is kept to an absolute minimum. At the same time the shutters provide a deep relief effect to the facade, breaking down the considerable scale of the Tower. In their expression, they also offer a sense of fineness and verticality.

The deck is supported on pairs of concrete columns that lean outwards but the structure is so large that it can hardly be called elegant and until the new apartment buildings are completed it really would be difficult to describe the views from the bridge as attractive.

Several new images in the “CF Moeller” and “Facade” categories has been added to the webshop.

Here are some of the newly added images to the webshop.

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