Amager Bakke

Amager Bakke – part 2

Copenhagen’s epicenter for urban mountain. sport.

You, your family, friends, colleagues and schoolmates have the opportunity to ski and snowboard in the middle of Copenhagen! Skiing is an active and physically demanding sport, but also versatile and super fun alongside others.

Beginner or experienced? The upper part of the ski slope is characterized as a black/red piste, while the middle and lower part are characterized as a blue/green piste. The ski slope is 450m long,

The lift systems consist of 4 lifts, the bottom 3 being magic carpet lifts, while the upper to the steep section is a plate lift.

On the side of the slope, there will be a hiking/running trail that is total 490m long and ends at the top of the building in the height of 85m. This is also where the climbing wall will end, which is 85m high and the tallest artificial climbing wall in North Europe.

Several new images in the “Bjarke Ingels Group” and “active” categories has been added to the webshop.