Copenhagen Light Festival

Copenhagen Light Festival 2020, part 2

The Festival at Islands Brygge

XI’an/Byporten by Camilla Brix Andersen & Palle Vedel

Walk through the luminous gate to the Copenhagen waterfront. The iron gate next to the Culture House Islands Brygge is adorned with 6 sparkling orbs that will create a poetic entrance to the harbour. The orbs are created from dissected graffiti spray cans. 


FORMATION examines the encounter between the tangible and the perceptible. 

Materials, poetic light and the raw concrete wall create a visual dialogue between the present and the past. Summer’s leafy greens on the wall has entered winter hibernation and, in their place, luminescent formations are growing transforming the concrete wall and the ground into beautiful shadow reliefs. The installation can be experienced both day and night.

Take a Look Inside by Arthur van der Zaag

TAKE A LOOK INSIDE plays with our perception of depth on the physical plane, by illuminating different elements of the structure, and on the optical plane, by exploring the effect of colours on our depth perception. With light shone on the exterior facade, the glass facade and the interior space, these architectural aspects are separated and made distinct. The projection of colour on these three layers enables the viewer to explore the depth of the structure through the shifting of light on these surfaces. 

  As the reflections of the water change shade, the lighting draws the viewer’s attention from outside to inside. The playful shifting of colours on the surfaces creates a sensuous maritime narrative. 

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