Fields in Denmark – part 2

The main crops in Denmark are small grains, mainly wheat and barley, covering more than half of the agricultural area. Fodder crops, mainly grass and maize for silage, amounts to 780,000 hectares, but Denmark is also an important producer of sales crops such as rape seed, sugar beets and grass seeds of various types. Vegetables and potatoes cover 60,000 hectares.

Danish farmers produce 19 million slaughter hogs per year. Milk production is limited by EU regulations and amounts to a little less than 5,2 billion kg from 563.000 dairy cows. Besides large quantities of pork and dairy products, Denmark produces beef, poultry and fur skins for the Danish market and for export.

Several new images in the “fields” categories has been added to the webshop.

Here are some of the newly added images.

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