Sakura time in Copenhagen – part 2

The cherry blossom (sakura), the national flower of Japan, symbolizes clouds in Japanese culture due to the way they bloom all at once. That makes for an incredibly beautiful and sadly short flowering season; all the more reason to go see it while it’s happening. The concept of “Hanami” means to enjoy the ephemeral nature of flowers, usually by sitting underneath the trees and/or having a picnic. Cherry blossoms have flourished in the Northern hemisphere and can be found in Copenhagen too.

Langelinie Park

The fact that this park is by the water makes the scene particularly idyllic. These cherry blossoms peak a bit later than than those at Bispebjerg and the annual Sakura Festival is held on the grounds. You can view the sakura from afar from the Canal Tours boats or walk in the park to get up close.

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