Copenhagen Light Festival 2018

Copenhagen Light Festival exhibits the city in a new way in the quiet and dark winter months in the form of a light festival with both international and local appeal to people of all ages.

The Copenhagen Light Festival in founded within Danish qualifications within art, sustainability and lighting culture. The Copenhagen Light Festival brings together all the great forces – light artists and designers, students, organizations and commercial players – around a large non-profit project, that includes and enhances other February events as well.

The festival can contains permanent, semi-permanent and temporary experiences, such as

  • Beautiful, captivating temporary sculptural elements or staging of urban
    spaces, historic buildings and the cultural district with lights and colours
  • Dynamic light experiences such as film, moving heads, and with time pixel mapping
  • Listed activities such as dark walks, city cycling or night-running with lights
  • Interactive light experiences – citizens and tourists are involved, staging or
    managing / contributing themselves
  • Artistic lighting experiences that includes sound
  • The city’s existing light experiences are included and highlighted

Sustainability, Green Mobility, Equality and Diversity are important elements in creative / artistic interaction with the strong Danish traditions and competencies in light (and darkness!).

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