24/7 Metro Service

The Copenhagen Metro is a 24/7 rapid transit system, serving the municipalities of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, and Tårnby.

The 20.4-kilometre system opened between 2002 and 2007, and has two lines, M1 and M2. The driverless light metro supplements the larger S-train rapid transit system, and is integrated with DSB local trains and Movia buses. Through the city center and west to Vanløse, M1 and M2 share a common line. To the southeast, the system serves Amager, with the 13.9-kilometre M1 running through the new neighborhood of Ørestad, and the 14.2-kilometre (8.8 mi) M2 serving the eastern neighborhoods and Copenhagen Airport. The metro has 22 stations, of which nine are underground. In 2016, the metro carried 61 million passengers.

An expansion of the metro, the City Circle Line, is under construction and scheduled to open in 2019. Independent of the existing system, it will circle the city center and connect the areas of Østerbro, Nørrebro and Vesterbro to Frederiksberg and Indre By. The line will be 15.5 km long and run entirely in tunnel. The circle will have 17 stations, two of which are interchanges with both the M1 and M2 lines, as well with three Copenhagen S-train stations, it will take 25 minutes to complete a full lap in both directions.

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