The Citadel in Copenhagen was founded by Danish King Christian 4 in 1626. You will find it on the border of inner Copenhagen and the area of Østerbro.

The Citadel was first established as a Garrison by King Christian IV in 1626 – to protect Copenhagen from the Seaside. The fortress is Europe’s oldest military bastion and still in operation. This military complex was completed in 1660s – and was also a part of Copenhagen’s rampart. The Fortress Park is a typical renaissance fortification with five bastions that served as a defence installation until the mid 19th century. Most of the buildings in the old Citadel are still intact from the period of King Frederik III – and are the head quarters of the Danish Defence Intelligence.

King Christian IV had also planned to build a castle on the Citadel premises but the project was suspended due to the Kings financial situation – and construction of the Citadel was continued by his son and successor King Frederik III – with help by the Dutch architect and engineer Henrik Rüse. After the Swedish attack – and assault of Copenhagen 1658-1660 – the Bastions of the Citadel was rebuilt to better resist bombardments – mortars and other artillery. Last the Citadel of Copenhagen was in use was during the heavy battle of the city against the Royal British Fleet in 1807.

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